Interest rates

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It depends on what your balance is now, what your rate is currently, and how long you plan to be in the house. Right now according to DetroitHarmonie Inc., best bad credit payday loans in Detroit 30-year fixed mortgages average 4.48%, and 15-year fixed average 3.5%. So, say your closing costs are $3000, and refinancing will save you $1000 per year. Then your ‘break-even’ point is 3 years, and you’re ahead of the game after that. But if you plan to move before you’d break even, it wouldn’t be worthwhile to re-fi…
You can always try to contact some specialist.

The Aldi toilet paper that is comparable to the CVS

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1000-sheet toilet paper is $2.49 for 4 rolls, so $5.49 for 12 rolls is a great price. The other double rolls are a different ply and amount, I believe. (My stock-up price for the 1000-sheet toilet paper is 50 cents per roll, and I don’t see it below that price very often.)

For me—not a stock up price

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Aldi has 12 pack double rolls for $4.99.
Therefore, $5.49 is .50 per pack higher–than a no-sale price!
Plus–Aldis is softer than CVS brand.
I use any CVS extra care bucks I earn on things that are cheaper than what I would pay elsewhere….or to roll into the another worthwhile extra care buck deal.

FREE (?!) toilet paper at CVS starting today

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If you did the $30/$10 proctor & gamble promo last week, you might be interested to know that CVS store brand 1000ct toilet paper, 12 pks, are on sale starting today for $5.49/12 pk. Using the CVS reward bucks, that makes 24 rolls of TP nearly FREEE!! (And you KNOW how I feel about free toilet paper!)

Even if you don’t have the reward bucks, $5.49 for a 12 pk is a pretty slamming deal !

Can’t wait to stock up, AND get rainchecks !!

If you’re following me on Twitter, you’d have known about this deal at 7am PDT!

Tell your DH that an RN friend of mine once had pleurisy

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and she was hospitalized in her own hospital (different ward) for a few days while they got ahead of it. She said it was more painful than childbirth! She also said it gave her much greater empathy for her patients who were recovering from really painful conditions of any kind. Pain really truly can drive you batty if unaddressed. Very glad you got him to get it checked out, VERY glad it’s “only” pleurisy and not something more serious, and here’s hoping he recovers quickly.

As I mentioned in my plan

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Report this morning dh hasn’t felt good for nearly a week. He had been getting progressively worse as time went on. Originally it was like a tight muscle near his neck on his right shoulder. By last night he was in so much pain he couldn’t even breathe deep. The pain went clear around to his right front rib cage. He had all the classic symptoms of a gall bladder attack. He would wake up from a sound sleep moaning in pain.
Ds and I badgered him until he gave in and went to the doctor today. A good check up and x rays later—it’s pleurisy. He’s now taking a VERY strong antibiotic that has a good size pain killer in it too. Tonight we both should finally get some sleep.

The Millie part? No gall bladder surgery.

Did you read through the FAQ questions on the website?

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As a former teacher–I have to say—it looks sketchy as a college—and more like an extra-curricular activity.

What time does the school meet? Classes are Mondays and Tuesdays from 6pm-9:30pm.

What are the age requirements? You must be at least 18 years old OR a high school graduate–( In other words, any non-graduated adult will do.)

What is homework like? Students will be required to read one book a month. We will also place students on a Bible reading schedule. There will also be activation homework that is assigned during class times, following a message. For example, if the teaching is on the topic of prophecy, you may be asked to prophesy over five strangers and document your experience.

For Sharon—Are visitors welcome? Yes, upon request, we allow people to audit a class or two.

In my personal opinion—this looks like it definitely would not have anything to do with future job prospects (unless going on to teach this sort of thing yourself).

And, it definitely is not going to be an accredited type of college that anybody is going to recognize as an accomplishment.

If someone had the extra money and time and was interested in this just for fun–I would say go for it. Otherwise—run far and fast away!

Again, just my opinion—not trying to offend anyone.

Thank you so much for this

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I’ve relayed all the below, and I look forward to reading whatever you care to report after touring the facility. Interesting stuff. That, plus our recent conversation about public educational philosophies and prepping for college vs vo-tech vs other life pursuits, has me really stretching my definition of the word “schooling”.

I didn’t take it that way

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I took it as “it’s not a cult pe se just like Mormanism, 7th Day Adventists, etc aren’t cults per se, but that anyone can turn any otherwise average group or activity into a brain-eating obsession.”
My step-brother is actually prone to this – every activity he gets involved with, becomes an obsession. Right now, his health club is his obsession. He seriously spends 4hrs a day there working out, before/after work. Sure, he’s got a lean mean body, but dang there’s more to life than lifting weights. Yet his personality apparently needs some kind of habit like that to latch onto. He is a recovering alcoholic, and his health club membership has taken the place of his binge drinking. So the family’s pretty happy with that trade. But the point was well made – anyone can turn a normal activity into an obsession, such that someone looking in from the outside in would think it could be a cult. But I don’t think she meant that those other well-established religions were de facto cults just on their own. It’s how people treat their involvement in them. At least that’s what I hope she meant.

There’s one of those in our neck of the woods too (Redding, California)

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It’s affiliated with Bethel church which my sister went to for awhile. Not my cup of tea – speaking in tongues, rolling around in the aisles, etc. She should assume that it’s not going to be a real education – the units won’t be transferable to any recognized college, pretty much 99.99% of future employers would ignore it if it was under the education part of a resume, etc. I don’t believe it’s any more of a cult than many other religions – Mormans, Seventh Day Adventists, etc. Anyone can throw themselves into it 100%, others do the Sunday thing and they’re good.

If it were my kid, I wouldn’t support this financially period. I would also strongly encourage them to speak to other ‘graduates’ to see what value this has added to their lives and whether they would do it again.

Good evening everyone

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A mom on another blog has asked a question about a school in the Atlanta area. Her son is interested in attending a place called the “Bethel Academy of Supernatural Ministry”, which he’s calling a school. She has heard that this school is actually something of a cult. But she doesn’t live in that area and she’s having some difficulty determining if it’s a real school or not. Has anyone in the Atlanta area heard of this place, or anything about it (good, bad or otherwise)??? This gal is hoping to hear about it from someone other than her very-motivated-to-attend son. Thanks all. I know this is an odd request, but I figured I’d at least try and ask for some feedback.