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After 40 some days of rain around here

Posted by infadmin on October 27, 2016 (Comments Closed)

we are having garden troubles too, however, I am buying the produce on sale ( even frozen veggies at the supermarket) and dehydrating them or canning…. Frozen corn was less then a dollar for a huge bag last week so I plunked 3 lbs worth in the dehydrator, chicken was .99 a pound for breast.. I know have 7 quarts canned and looking pretty on the shelf along with green beans from an old timey farmer who knows a bunch more about growing stringbeans then I do in a monsoon!

This week seemed to just fly by

Posted by infadmin on October 14, 2016 (Comments Closed)

I was busy working on various projects around here and lost track of time more than once. Week #3 of food storage meals went well. The family is really getting into it. They have been liking the variety of meals I’ve been coming up with. On Saturday I decided it was a junk food smorgasbord night. We have a junk food night about once a month. Generally I purchase bags of frozen things like pizza rolls, mozzarella sticks and such and then we pig out. This is our alternative to eating out right now.

Saturday’s event was a little different. I had several bits and pieces of bags of commercially made items, so I pulled out the deep fat fryer (uh oh hips look out for that meal) and started emptying the freezer of all the bits and pieces. We ended up with chicken nuggets, fish sticks, fried green beans, French Fries, and onion rings to go with leftover veggies from the fridge. It was good, but we all needed an anti-acid before daybreak. LOL!

I actually had an alternative motive when I planned that meal. It was one way to “clear clutter” and see what real food we still had in there to go with the preserved foods to continue to stretch the grocery dollars into the BB bill instead of filling the cupboards. I was VERY pleased with the result and what I found. We will be strictly on food storage quite awhile longer!
I only managed to eek out $25 extra go onto BB this last week, but considering the actual budget showed we would have a major shortfall and we came up with enough “extra” to pay that $25 I’m pretty proud.

I’ve also decided I am turning into a weirdo. Seriously. I get a notice in my email that my cc statement is available and I rush to look at it and smile. How weird is that? I compare the accounts to what the snowball chart shows the balance should be, then smile when I see it is lower because of the interest I saved by paying early in the billing period. What’s bad is it doesn’t take much to get that smile. Last week the showed interest savings on bb was a mere $.02. Dumb huh? But it put a huge smile on my face. Well that and knowing I had knocked actually knocked 3 months of interest at $30+ 0ff the entire bill.

I get the mortgage bill, I immediately look at the new balance (and compare it) then look at how much of our monthly payment is now going against the principle. I’m up to nearly $900 per month of it going on there. That is so exciting to me. Yep, I’m definitely turning into a weirdo!

So far we are on schedule for our debt payoff countdown. That’s pretty exciting to me too. I keep rushing it though, I’m making payments as little as $5 dollars whenever I can on the BB since they compound daily and get excited about that $5. Weirdo, I’m telling you.

I did a single mystery shop this week. I’ve been turning a lot of them down due to distance, the heat, and time, but they called and begged me to drive 8 miles, look at a new truck and file a report. Not a hard or long job, but I didn’t want to do it due to heat and dh not feeling well. Until they offered me a $15 bonus on top of the decent fee the job was already listed at. Dh said “do it, “ so we did. Decided afterwards we are still in love with our truck we already have. It’s paid for. LOL!

I’m about to declare the garden a loss and start over with possible fall crops. Between first the very late frosts and the immediate heat I didn’t get near what I wanted planted and the wild critters are getting most of it. So I’m looking at digging everything out with the hoe and starting some fall stuff. We’ll see how it goes. I have so many irons in the fire it might not happen. Oh well if times get tough we’ve got an abundance of well fed rabbits and squirrels we could eat. LOL!

Today will be a sort of no progress day because dh still isn’t feeling well so I convinced him into staying home and going to the doctor today. With him underfoot on a Monday my schedule is slightly off. Then the appointment for the doctor is in the middle of the day, so there goes Monday.