I didn’t take it that way

Posted by infadmin on March 17, 2016

I took it as “it’s not a cult pe se just like Mormanism, 7th Day Adventists, etc aren’t cults per se, but that anyone can turn any otherwise average group or activity into a brain-eating obsession.”
My step-brother is actually prone to this – every activity he gets involved with, becomes an obsession. Right now, his health club is his obsession. He seriously spends 4hrs a day there working out, before/after work. Sure, he’s got a lean mean body, but dang there’s more to life than lifting weights. Yet his personality apparently needs some kind of habit like that to latch onto. He is a recovering alcoholic, and his health club membership has taken the place of his binge drinking. So the family’s pretty happy with that trade. But the point was well made – anyone can turn a normal activity into an obsession, such that someone looking in from the outside in would think it could be a cult. But I don’t think she meant that those other well-established religions were de facto cults just on their own. It’s how people treat their involvement in them. At least that’s what I hope she meant.